Mint leaves – 1 Bunch
Coriander – 1 Bunch
Fresh lime – 1
Nannari syrup (Indian Sarsaparilla/ Shariba) – 2-3 teaspoons 

(Check out my blog on an easy method to prepare Nannari syrup)

Mint leaves- It is a calming and soothing herb that is rich in anti-oxidants.
Coriander leaves- It is a cooling herb that is a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and other minerals.
Lime- It is refreshing, rich in Vitamin C, helps balance pH levels and detoxify.
Nannari root- It is a great body coolant, blood purifier and helps prevent Urinary tract infections.


1.       Clean fresh mint and coriander leaves.
2.       Add equal quantity of the leaves and into a blender
3.       Add the required quantity of water and blend well.
4.       To this add a dash of lime and 2-3 teaspoons of Nannari syrup and mix well.

Enjoy a nice refreshing glass of Mint- Coriander cooler!!


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